Mumijo is a dark brown mountain resin with a glossy surface, which has a characteristic aroma and a bitter taste. It is the only mineral adaptogen - the product that increases resistance of the body to stressful situations. Thanks to its unique features, it is successfully used for treatment of a wide range of diseases

Beautiful nature of the Altai Republic, where our mumijo comes from. More info here

  1. What is mumijo?
  2. Forms of mumijo
  3. Use
  4. About the producer ALTAY ADICA
  5. Production of mumijo by ALTAY ADICA
  6. Why mumijo ALTAY ADICA
  7. Method of use and size of doses
  8. Contraindications
  9. How to store mumijo
  10. Mumijo and cosmetics
  11. Safety and quality
  12. FAQ
  13. Mumijo ALTAY ADICA and everyday life


1. What us mumijo?

Mumijo is a rich organic-mineral complex of predominantly natural biological origin, which has been used for more than a thousand years. It is harvested in the highlands of many countries, but the most valuable species can be found in the Altai Republic. It contains more than 85 essential minerals and trace elements suitable for humans. Its long-term regular use shows excellent results and a positive effect on quality and overall life expectancy.

It is also an excellent anti-inflammatory and bactericidal agent actively involved in DNA biosynthesis in the cell. Mumijo does not cause any allergic reactions, has no toxic effect on the body and does not disturb the intestinal microflora. It is suitable for internal and external use. External use takes the form of an ointment or as the integral part of various cosmetic products

The main specific mumijo feature is not a stimulant, but a biological regulator of electrolyte balance in the human body. Thanks to its properties, it reduces symptoms of diseases and facilitates their course. Use of mumijo is based scientifically - positive results of its use have been proven by experimental and clinical practice.

Mumijo is the sole mineral adaptogen.

Mumijo has a dark brown to black colour, homogeneous structure and is perfectly soluble in water. It has a specific aroma and bitter tast.

The composition includes a whole complex of organic and mineral substances

  • products of degradation of high molecular weight compounds (zoomelanoedic, humic and fulvic acids, benzoic, hippuric and oxalic acids, amino acids and other acids, terpenoids, vitamins of groups A, B, C and P (bioflavonoids), fragments of molecules of polyphenolic and other compounds)
  • macro and microelements (potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, silicon, aluminium, copper, iron, manganese, nickel, vanadium, barium, molybdenum, strontium, silver, beryllium, zirconium, titanium, gallium and heavy metals - in trace amounts). 
  • steroids of natural origin, not anabolic
  • proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, waxes, fibre, alkaloids, balsamic substances and essential oils
  • exact list of active substances - package leaflet (PDF)

Mumijo is a non-toxic substance. It is not a chemical product combined in the laboratory, but an organically produced “living balm“.


Mumijo helps improve mental and physical health. More info here.


2. Forms of mumijo

A viscous resin substance combining various scents, from chocolate to asphalt. But most importantly: this resin contains 100% mumijo, which is collected high in the mountains and quality of which is unrivalled. In addition, mumijo in the form of a resin does not contain any foreign additives.

Most importantly, when processing mumijo into powder, none of its useful features are lost and all biologically active substances are preserved. This can be achieved thanks to modern technologies. Mumijo in the powder form is relatively common and is characterized by high ease of use. Unlike mumijo in the form of resin, it is very easy to mix the powder with various creams.

You do not need to dilute the medicinal product with water for a long time, which means that it can be used faster. Today, it is easy to buy mumijo in tablets at an affordable price, for example in pharmacies. It is often a hoax. As practice shows, such a product usually has many impurities and little mumijo itself. It is highly likely that it will not have the desired benefit.

Popularity of natural medicinal products has already grown significantly. The minimum number of side effects and their availability are considered the undoubted benefits. Similarly, mumijo in capsules has gained great popularity among the consumers thanks to its ease of use and natural origin.


3. Use  

Mumijo is used during treatment of various diseases

The main stages of the beneficial effect on the body, when using this product:

  • immunomodulatory,
  • wound healing,
  • anti-inflammatory,
  • antibacterial,
  • fungicidal,
  • anticoagulant,
  • detoxifying,
  • antiallergic,
  • antiviral,
  • pain relieving,
  • diuretic,
  • biliary,
  • spasmolytic.  

Good results are obtained, when treating adenoma, gastritis, liver disease, kidney disease, prostatitis, diabetes mellitus, stretch marks, gastric ulcers, psoriasis and in regeneration of the body after surgery. It is widely used in diseases of the digestive and nervous systems and in treatment of skin diseases.

Mumijo helps strengthen function of the heart muscle and accelerates mineral metabolism in the organism, wound healing and bone fractures. It also normalizes appetite and sleep. It quickly absorbs swelling, bleeding, blood clots, surgical scars and, in the case of fractures, excessive callus formation.
It is effective in the diseases caused by sclerosed blood vessels and is also used successfully in thrombophlebitis. Destroys rheumatic processes and eliminates disturbances in water and salt metabolism

It is successfully used in treatment of burns.

Mumijo is also known as "Indian Viagra" and has performed wonders in improving male sexual function. It has been used for hundreds of years to naturally increase libido and sexual desire.
It also serves as a prevention for

  • gynaecological diseases
  • cervical erosion
  • andrology
  • in case of inflammatory processes - hemorrhoids, fungal inflammation and some types of eczema.

If the correct dosage is followed, mumijo will never have any side effects.  


Mumijo is used in cosmetology as a remedy for skin inflammation and acne, for improving and restoring hair condition, cleansing and rejuvenating the skin. More information here.


4. About the producer ALTAY ADICA

ALTAY ADICA is engaged in production of unique products for health and beauty made of 100% natural ingredients. A wide range of products allows everyone to find what is right for them, at an affordable price and in excellent quality

The ALTAY ADICA team consists of professionals who are ready to share their knowledge about healthy lifestyle and healthy eating.   

While studying mumijo, our team has discovered that the mountain resin has been an important integral part of many well-known traditional treatment procedures for millennia. Mumijo is extremely rare and the places where it can be found are difficult to access. Finding a dealer who sells natural mumijo is even rarer. Therefore, we took dozens of mumijo samples from different places, which allowed us to choose the source with pure and untouched nature - the Altai Republic. The results were positive because they met strict EU standards raised for these products. We have also received standpoint of the Russian Federation on product safety

We have successfully exerted every effort to expand availability of the ALTAY ADICA mumijo throughout the EU. Our e-shop is here for you in various world languages. Together with Tomas Bata University in Zlín, ALTAY ADICA has been developing new products made of pure natural mumijo for miscellaneous use and for sale in the territory of the European Union. ALTAY ADICA will thus enable European consumers to expand and diversify range of the products based on natural mumijo

Mumijo ALTAY ADICA can be purchased in the Czech Republic from 2020.
ALTAY ADICA produces a pure natural product for your long, healthy and happy life.

Mumijo helps to strengthen cognitive functions and attention, which allows you to overcome any stressful situation. More information here.


5. Production of mumijo ALTAY ADICA

Modern research shows that mumijo is substance with a complex natural chemical structure generated in some mountain areas of the world under certain conditions. It is a natural mixture of organic and inorganic substances, easily soluble in water. Mumijo is accumulated in cracks, cavities and hollows of the rocks in the form of a thin layer or crust of black or dark brown resin mixed with sand and gravel

The naturally collected mumijo is placed in a container with clean warm water, where stones and other impurities are separated. No chemical compounds or chlorinated water are used during this process. Clean mumijo is then hand-packed in the container made of a special purple glass, which protects it from the sun, thus assisting in preserving its original active features.

The carefully collected mumijo preserves perfectly its properties, though it naturally loses moisture during long-term storage and gradually hardens. However, it is dissolved easily and quickly in water.

All products are made of ecologically clean raw materials obtained in the picturesque areas of the Altai Republic untouched by civilization and undergo strict technological control. ALTAY ADICA does not use chemical processing of the raw materials in the process of production, thus guaranteeing high quality of beneficial features of the natural ingredients


6. Why mumijo ALTAY ADICA

This is not the first year we travel to the regions of the Altai Republic to collect the Alpine mumijo. At first we have brought it to order to our friends, then to the friends of our friends, and so on. Nowadays, our clients include, inter alia, rehabilitation centres and beauty salons, but the main customers are in particular residents of the European Union, who know about extraordinary features of mumijo, which was not available for them before. Now they have the opportunity to buy mumijo in the EU at affordable prices, in high quality, and do not need to wait months for a package from friends from Russia

ALTAY ADICA guarantees purity and authenticity of the product. For this purpose, mumijo is collected with utmost care, and only after the successful completion of all strict laboratory tests can it be packed in our special containers, which are made of ecological plastic. The product is not harmful to health and is easy to use

ALTAY ADICA is characterized by excellent quality and proven origin:

Why us? There are several reasons:

  1. We guarantee extraordinary quality of our products and their authenticity. You can verify this by checking product certificates and laboratory test results.   
  2. Our prices belong to the lowest ones, as they do not include any surcharges and - by choosing our company - you do not pay any margin to the intermediary.
  3. By purchasing mumijo of the highest quality from us, you will get the possibility of further savings - we provide individual discounts to regular customers.  
  4. You will choose the most suitable method of payment by yourselves.


You can order mumijo by phone, e-mail or in our e-shop. If you decide to buy our product, you can be sure that it is a completely natural and really effective medicinal product

Do you still have any doubts and questions? Enter them via the feedback form in our e-shop, in the „Contacts“ section.


Mumijo helps strengthen mental and cognitive functions throughout life. More information here.


7. Method of use and size of doses  

The average duration of use of mumijo is 10 days, followed by a break of 5-10 days. The treatment is then repeated. The total period of mumijo use includes 3-4 repeated treatments per year
There is also a longer period of mumijo use of 25-28 days followed by a break of 5-10 days. The treatment is then repeated. The total period of use can be 3-4 courses of treatment per year

The specialists do not recommend using tablets from the pharmacy due to the presence of synthetic ingredients. It is more advisable to buy mumijo in the form of pure natural powder.

To reach maximum effectiveness, mumijo should be administered once a day in the morning on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before meal and dissolved in 50 ml of pure (non-chlorinated) water of room temperature. It can be washed down with, for example, sweet tea, milk or water with honey, thus suppressing the bitter taste. Mumijo can also be consumed three hours before bedtime after the last daily meal.  

A good result can be achieved by simultaneous use of mumijo internally and externally, especially if there are external manifestations of the disease.

Dosage for adults (over 18 years)

Depends on body weight: 0.2 - 0.6 grams per day.

  • up to     70 kg — 0,2 g
  • up to     80 kg — 0,3 g
  • up to     90 kg — 0,4 g
  • up tp     100 kg — 0,5 g
  • over   100 kg — 0,6 g

It is important to realize that when using mumijo, you should follow a proper lifestyle, limit fatty and spicy meals and alcohol.


8. Contraindications

All good things must be received in moderation, which is also applicable to mumijo. You should follow the dosage and the breaks between the individual courses of treatment. When used properly, mumijo will never harm the human body
The specialists point out that pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should not take mumijo, as this may cause allergic reaction in the baby. It is also advisable not to use mumijo internally during the breastfeeding period

Like any other dietary supplement, including natural medicinal products, mumijo may have the following contraindications:

  • intolerance of individual nature
  • drinking alcohol

A separate point is use of mumijo in children. You should not give mumijo to a child under 18 years of age without consulting a doctor. However, for external use, such as wound care, mumijo has no age restrictions.


Mumijo helps to achieve rapid regeneration and recovery of the immune system after sports performance. More information here.


9. How to store mumijo

Compared with other natural balms, mumijo has an undeniable advantage not only in its beneficial features, but also in preservation of these features. Storing mumijo is easy. To keep the mass in its original form, it is placed in moisture proof containers, which are stored in a cool and dark place. If you store mumijo at the room temperature, it will solidify - free moisture will evaporate from it, but all beneficial features will remain unchanged. In this case, it is necessary to saturate it with moisture: take a clean container, pour into it approximately as much pure non-chlorinated water at the room temperature as corresponds to the amount of your mumijo and place mumijo in the open container together with water in a hermetically sealable bag or e.g. under the cheese cover. Leave it work for at least 2-3 days. Mumijo will bind enough moisture on its own and restore its viscosity. Only the aqueous product solutions are time-limited. They may not be stored for more than 8 days, exclusively in the refrigerator.


10. Mumijo and cosmetics

Mumijo is also used in cosmetology as a remedy for skin inflammation and acne, to improve and restore hair condition, cleanse and rejuvenate the skin, as well as for weight loss.

Mumijo is added to creams and tonics because it increases skin tone, helps smooth out wrinkles, protects the skin from the adverse impacts of the environment, restores lack of micro- and macroelements in skin tissues and improves regeneration processes.  

Mumijo is not a hormonal product, yet it effectively affects condition and growth of hair. When penetrating the scalp, all the beneficial substances contained in  mumijo normalize blood circulation in the microcirculatory system and increase content of copper and zinc directly in the skin cells. It normalizes metabolic processes in the scalp and stimulates hair growth. The substances contained in its composition enter the skin through epidermis into the layer where the follicles (hair follicles) are located, and under the influence of these substances, tissue respiration processes are activated in them, which support hair growth.

In addition, mumijo can be used as a tonic and refreshing agent for the skin.


11. Safety and quality

ALTAY ADICA regularly tests mumijo to make sure it does not contain excessive amounts of heavy metals and other impurities. In this section you can get acquainted with the results of laboratory tests and with the certificates of ALTAY ADICA products.   


12. FAQ 

Is mumijo digested (absorbed) well?
The minerals are in mumijo in the ionic form, which allows them to be better absorbed by the tissues. Therefore, their effect is much higher

Can mumijo be taken with other medicinal products?
Yes. The ALTAY ADICA mumijo still supports their effectiveness.

What are the advantages of ALTAY ADICA production?
100% natural product in pure, original intact condition. The ALTAY ADICA mumijo has a high biopotential and energy purity. Obtained manually. No acids or chlorinated water are used in the process of production. It is packed in special containers that preserve all useful original features of the product
ALTAY ADICA is mumijo in its original form, which has undergone only simple cleaning. This ensures its flawlessness and efficiency

Are there any contraindication to use of Mumijo?
Pregnant women, breastfeeding women or the persons under supervision of a doctor for any medical reason should consult a specialist before using the mumijo. You should not give mumijo to a child under 18 years of age without consulting a doctor.

Does mumijo have any side effects?
If its dosage is observed, mumijo has no side effects. Consumption of mumijo is absolutely safe, even if the recommended amount is exceeded.

If any side effect occurs, then it is probably mumijo of a poor quality. It should be remembered that many mumijo supplements on the market are not exactly what they appear to be. Some of them contain fertilizers, the other ones contain toxic heavy metals

Choice of mumijo must therefore be taken seriously.   


A full sex life is an important part of partnership and balance in life. More information here.


13. ALTAY ADICA mumijo and everyday life

Everyday life
ALTAY ADICA helps to improve mental and physical health. Wondering, what is the feelings to wake up full of energy? So be sure to buy the ALTAY ADICA mumijo.   

One part will not be enough to describe the whole spectrum of use in medical practice. Of extraordinary value is the proven efficacy in treatment and prevention of the diseases, such as:

  • traumatology and surgery (injuries, fractures, bruises, sprains, etc.)
  • endocrine system (pancreatitis, diabetes)
  • urinary system (pyelonephritis, urolithiasis, cystitis)
  • reproductive system (prostatitis, inflammation of the uterus, erosion)
  • cardiovascular system (varicose veins, heart failure, hypertension)
  • nervous system (neuralgia, headache, epilepsy, stuttering)
  • musculoskeletal system (rheumatism, radiculitis, joint pain)
  • respiratory system (tuberculosis, bronchial asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia)

Stress and everyday monotonous life can be a serious challenge for many people. The ALTAY ADICA mumijo helps to strengthen cognitive functions and attention, which allows you to overcome any stressful situation. 

Ageing is inevitable and happens every second of our lives. However, its processes can be slowed down by taking care of our body and health. Living long and happily requires maintaining physical activity, good cardiovascular health, joint flexibility and a positive outlook on life. Like muscles, mental and cognitive functions require exercise and support. The ALTAY ADICA mumijo will help you strengthen mental and cognitive functions throughout life

Excessive tension in muscles and joints can lead to unwanted micro-cracks in muscles and damage at the cellular level. Thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory function, the ALTAY ADICA mumijo reduces the feeling of pain and at the same time promotes fast healing. Mumijo also retains calcium in the bone tissue, thus strengthening the bones.

After intense exercise, we often lose a lot of energy and the body becomes more susceptible to diseases. Therefore, immunity cannot always cope with everything we have given it. Effects of the mumijo ALTAY ADICA will help you achieve rapid regeneration and recovery of the immune system

It is impossible to avoid ageing completely. However, some processes can be slowed down by skin care. The ALTAY ADICA mumijo can help.

Together with a clear mind, improved physical health and balanced hormone levels, the ALTAY ADICA mumijo helps increase libido
Hormones play a crucial role in development and functioning of the organism. A full sex life is an important part of partnership and balance in life. The ALTAY ADIC mumijo helps maintain balance and a painless menstrual cycle, supports  sexual functions of both men and women, and helps maintain prostate health.  

Promotes weight loss
Being overweight tires the muscles and strains the bones. Obese people, who used purified mumijo, responded to physical exercise better than the people who did not use mumijo.

High content of irreplaceable trace elements in the resin adapts the metabolic function, which also contributes to effective weight loss. Regular use helps to normalize metabolism of electrolytes and also helps the organism get rid of unnecessary fat stores. In a short time period, mumijo is able to compensate deficiency of important substances at the cellular level, which causes retention of harmful substances and toxins in the organism

Increases haemoglobin
Anaemia, caused by iron deficiency can result from a low iron diet, blood loss, or from inability to absorb iron. However, mumijo supplements can gradually increase the iron levels. Mumijo contains high levels of humic acid and iron, which may be helpful in treating anaemia.